This was a smart motorway highway roll out replacing HID luminaires on the Area 9 network. These included 180W Sox, 150/250/400 and 600W Son T luminaires. The King of the Road P860 Highways luminaire was selected for the
main carriageway works in conjunction with the P862 smaller road luminaire for the slip road requirements. Upon completion of the lighting designs by Kier Highways, CU Phosco Lighting were engaged in determining a rollout program for luminaire deliveries to coincide with the complex traffic management program, required for such a busy stretch of motorway network in the region. As with all major projects CU Phosco Lighting appointed a project manager to co-ordinate all aspects of the program and provide a single point of contact throughout the development.

As part of the product approval process Kier Highways visited our manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire to carry out a FAT’s test (Factory Acceptance Test). This allowed them to assess our production processes, quality procedures and discuss delivery logistics of the program. All parameters were surpassed in this evaluation. The program forecast was structured for weekly deliveries stretching over 19 weeks. These were carefully managed and delivered into the Carnell depot in Redditch. Due to the size of the program and the variants involved in terms of power levels and optics of the luminaires, CU Phosco Lighting created specific identification types for the luminaires for ease of product selection from the lighting design. These types ranged from A-I and gave a quick reference point for the installation teams picking product for the given section of the installation program.

LOCATION – West Midlands – M42
CLIENT – Highways England
CONTRACTOR – Kier Highways in partnership with Carnell Group
PRODUCTS – P860, P861