About Us

About us

Aii Lighting is a Auckland based, premium lighting supplier for Aviation, Ports, Sports Field, Highways and Solar Lighting sectors. We are the exclusive agents in New Zealand for the UK’s leading external lighting manufacture CU Phosco that has been established since 1923.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to source and import only the most technologically advanced, cutting edge, high-quality external lighting products to New Zealand with the intention of working collaboratively with the asset owners, consulting engineers, wholesalers and contractors to deliver exceptional project outcomes. Our Commitment to New Zealand is to always deliver sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient lighting products that will light up New Zealand’s roads, motorways, ports, airports and sports fields. 


CU Phosco

CU Phosco is the largest UK designer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting equipment.

CU Phosco® Lighting (formerly known as Concrete Utilities) is the longest established and premier outdoor lighting group in the UK with a worldwide presence. They design and manufacture exterior lighting luminaries, floodlights, lighting columns and masts. Their lighting columns and masts range from 3 metres to 60 metres in height and can be seen on motorways, at airports, in shopping centres, housing estates and sports stadiums throughout the world.

They have, since 1923, led the exterior lighting market here in the UK and worldwide. From their head office in Hertfordshire, their customers are offered a comprehensive package, from the initial consultation to the design and the final colour presentation of a CAD lighting scheme, through manufacture of luminiares and floodlights to delivery and installation.

All CU Phosco factories are accredited by BSI against Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Their lighting programme “Lighting Reality” offers the customers a simple and efficient method of utilising the comprehensive range of exterior luminaries, floodlights, amenity and period lanterns that are continuously being developed and tested at our Photometry Laboratory.

Throughout the world they have supplied and installed Columns, High Masts and exterior lighting systems for all markets including Sports Stadiums, Airports, Ports, and Roads and more recently for the expanding market in Telecommunications.