FL800R LED FLOODLIGHTING SYSTEM provides an innovative new approach to floodlighting. To build a system, FL800R modules can be grouped as a luminaire in single, double, triple or quad configuration and arranged on a mast with full azimuth rotation and tilt function.

FL800R module uses AeroFlow® Cooling System to provide exceptional thermal management. Maximised heat dissipation enables a compact luminaire design, which can be retrofitted onto existing masts.Lumileds LUXEON® M LEDs and AeroFlow® together deliver high lumen output with very low lumen depreciation over life, this minimises energy and operating cost by reducing overlighting.FL800R offers an extremely competitive solution to replace traditional HID sources with performance, versatility and reliability. 

  • Lumileds LUXEON® MX LED 
  • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 127 lm / W 
  • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI > 70) 
  • Constant Light Output (CLO) 
  • Instant hot restrike 
  • AeroFlow® Cooling System 
  • Demountable driver compartment 
  • Low wind profile area 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Full Cowl, distribution cut off 5º below horizontal 
  • Flexible and programmable lighting control options (CMS) 
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • 100% recyclable 
  • High flux density and efficacy LED 
  • Reduces energy costs and carbon emissions
  • Improved safety and visual performance 
  • Minimises overlighting, saving energy 
  • Suitable for high security and safety critical lighting tasks 
  • L80 > 100,000 hrs, Ta = 45ºC 
  • Flexible mounting allowing cost savings 
  • Allows mounting on existing columns / masts 
  • Minimises Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Dark sky friendly, minimal glare 
  • Full control and monitoring of each luminaire 
  • Consistant high performance in aggressive environments  
  • Fully compliant with WEEE and RoHS regulations
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