FL550 Mk2 is a high-power, lightweight HID floodlight designed to provide highly efficient illumination. Compact design ensures low weight and wind area, minimising lighting mast investment. Double asymmetric optic with full cut-off delivers exceptional lighting control; ideal for airports, ports, sport facilities and industrial / commercial areas.

New reflector design, using the latest high efficiency reflector materials, maximising performance. This lightweight body and low wind area design reduces lighting mast and foundation costs.

  • Glass diffuser hinged from rear of floodlight for use on high masts but may be rotated for improved access in mid-hinge or base hinge column installations 
  • Specular aluminium reflectors 
  • Galvanised stirrup for supported or suspended mounting
  • This arrangement allows the floodlight to be rotated in horizontal and vertical posotions. Elevation indicator for stirrup with anti-rotation discs. Front and rear stirrup positions enables over and underslung floodlights without interference Standard ignitor box or instant restrike ignitor box can be mounted directly to rear of floodlight for 2kW options. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with remote gearbox WB530
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