An HEA award winning luminaire, the P855 LED is a highly innovative, High Mast LED luminaire with 360° rotating STAR-optic®. The functional yet compact design delivers exceptionally powerful optical and thermal performance, whilst maintaining low weight and wind area.

P855’s wide range of optical distributions coupled with 360° rotation delivers unlimited freedom in lighting design regardless of luminaire orientation, whilst optimising energy efficiency for even the most challenging scheme. It is the ultimate solution to replace traditional High Mast HID sources with superior efficacy and reliability.
  • STAR-optic® system delivers 360° variable photometry
  • Hybrid lens + reflector optic minimises light at angles near the horizontal
  • Up to G6 glare rating. Dark sky friendly, no upward light
  • Slim, elegant and state-of-the-art design
  • High flux density and efficacy LED
  • Powerful output up to 36,000 lm
  • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 126 lm / W
  • Wide range of light distributions
  • Low lumen depreciation (L95 at 90,000 hours) at full power
  • User friendly installation
  • Maximised savings on energy and maintenance costs
  • Minimal total cost of ownership
  • Flexible and intelligent lighting control options
  • Lightweight and low windage allowing retrofit onto most existing masts
  • IP66 ingress protection for Optical & Driver Compartment
  • 100% recyclable, low carbon footprint
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