FL500 Mk2 is an advanced HID/eHID floodlight which combines high efficiency, flexibility and durability. Modular and compact design ensures low weight (11kg) and wind area (0.10m2), minimising lighting mast investment. Double asymmetric optic with full cut-off delivers exceptional lighting control; ideal for airports, ports, sport facilities and industrial / commercial areas.


  • High pressure die cast aluminium body (recyclable) with heat resistant toughened flat glass
  • IP66 protection to optical and gear compartments
  • New reflector design, using the latest high efficiency reflector materials, maximises the useful light output.
  • Optimised for electronic control gear, offers 15% energy saving over electromagnetic control gear.
  • Lightweight, low wind area form minimises lighting mast and foundation costs.
  • Can accommodate a broad selection of lamps including SON-T, CDO-TT, MBI-T, CosmoPolis, CDM Elite MW and MHN-LA.
  • Both electromagnetic and electronic gear available
  • NEMA socket, mini-photocell and a range of leading CMS (Central Management System) options are also available.


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